Definition of strange to say in English:

strange to say

(also strange to tell)


  • It is surprising or unusual that.

    ‘strange to say, most people have no idea who he is’
    • ‘But, strange to say, this dominance is inevitable.’
    • ‘He came softly, unobserved, and yet, strange to say, everyone recognised Him.’
    • ‘And suddenly, strange to tell, exactly enough money is saved to pass the budget.’
    • ‘It seems strange to say now that I felt so lonely, yet I did.’
    • ‘It may sound strange to say now, but these things did bother me.’
    • ‘It's strange to say that a president doesn't get enough attention - that his speeches and arguments are ignored.’
    • ‘But there is one notable absence from the list and - strange to say - that is the schoolchildren.’
    • ‘She said: ‘It may sound strange to say but I feel normal.’’
    • ‘Graham had need of a new backpack and, strange to tell, my legs gave out on me just then.’
    • ‘Incidentally, the elements, strange to say, also supported the winners in the final period as the direction of the wind changed on the restart when skies darkened in the build-up to a hail shower.’