Definition of strandwolf in English:



South African
  • The brown hyena, which often frequents the shore, where it scavenges dead fish and birds.

    Hyaena brunnea, family Hyaenidae

    • ‘There is a variety of small mammals with an occasional sighting of the strandwolf.’
    • ‘A loner with few friends, he works as a diamond diver during the summer months and follows a family of strandwolves during the winter months.’
    • ‘The rough coastline is the graveyard to numerous ships but also home to massive seal colonies and the awkwardly lovely Strandwolf’
    • ‘He spends most of his time scuba diving or observing a family of strandwolves (brown hyenas).’


Late 18th century: from South African Dutch, from strand ‘seashore’ + wolf ‘wolf’.