Definition of strandloper in English:


(also strandlooper)


  • 1A member of a Khoisan people who lived on the southern shores of southern Africa from prehistoric times until the second millennium AD.

    • ‘First of all, Khoisan is an artificial grouping of two distinctly different groups, the San and the Khoi-Khoi (strandloopers and bushmen for you old apartheid educated folks).’
    • ‘This area too was the stomping ground of the earliest inhabitants of the peninsula - the Khoi-San hunter-gatherers, ‘strandloopers’ who foraged a living from the sea.’
    • ‘‘There are not prominent brows, indicating a woman, and the front is that of a typical strandloper,’ he said.’
    • ‘Prehistoric rubbish heaps produced by the strandlopers are found in a number of caves and tell a great deal about the San people's lifestyle.’
    • ‘The San hunter-gatherers relied on the seashore for most of their food and are known colloquially as the strandlopers or beachwalkers.’
    • ‘Huge piles of fish bones and shells on the beach serve as memorials to the feats of a vanished people known as strandlopers (beach walkers) who once scavenged the shore for food.’
    • ‘Interesting rock formations will delight the beachcomber who might even come across relics of prehistoric strandlopers.’
  • 2South African A person who collects items on the shore; a beachcomber.

    • ‘Mouths caked numb by a throat-cracking berg wind, we lurched back along the beach, bumbling along the craggy rocks to rest beneath the overhang, surfed out strandlopers looking wild and red-eyed.’
    • ‘1653 - Strandlopers murder David Jansz, herdsman of Commander of the Cape Jan van Riebeeck, and escape with most of his livestock.’
    • ‘Martin said he would like to see Xhosa actors playing the role of Khoikhoi heroes like Harry the Strandloper, David Stuurman, Sarah Baartman, Allan Boesak and others, to acknowledge the cultural diversity.’
    • ‘The strandlopers, back in the 17th century, dined on mussels, abalone, crayfish and seals, on roots and fruits and edible seaweed.’


Afrikaans, from strand ‘seashore’ + loper ‘runner’.