Definition of straight stitch in English:

straight stitch


  • A single short separate embroidery stitch.

    • ‘For machine appliqué, set the sewing machine for a medium-length straight stitch and stitch around each petal and leaf outer edge, tracing the petal shapes.’
    • ‘Sew a straight stitch across the mounting strip and shade where the first stitching line is on the shirr tape.’
    • ‘Press the seam allowances open and topstitch with a long straight stitch on both sides of the seam, being careful not to stretch the fabric while stitching.’
    • ‘Use a narrow zigzag stitch rather than a straight stitch.’
    • ‘With right sides together and using a straight stitch, sew the binding to the sleeves and body lower edge, stretching the binding slightly as you sew.’
    • ‘Stitch, using straight stitch around outer edges, sewing across corners where marked.’
    • ‘Use a straight stitch or narrow zigzag setting.’
    • ‘Stitch the mouth with a straight stitch, retracing the stitches as before on the ears.’
    • ‘Straight stitches aren't recommended for use on the foam, as the stitch length makes it difficult to tear away the foam and unsightly thread loops will remain, rather than consistent flat, straight stitches.’
    • ‘Basic hand-sewing techniques were demonstrated: a whip stitch and a straight stitch, along with how to thread a needle and make a knot.’
    • ‘Adjust the machine for a very short straight stitch.’
    • ‘Stitch with the straight stitches on the extended section, barely catching the fold with the left swing of the needle.’
    • ‘Do some plain straight stitches on a piece of medium-weight fabric.’
    • ‘Beginning at one inside corner, hand-tack the fabric to the basket base using small straight stitches.’
    • ‘However, a straight stitch sewn in a thread color to match the fabric is an effective way to do a machine version of the ‘back smocking’ done in hand smocking.’
    • ‘To create the tulle pockets, use a short straight stitch and matching or invisible thread.’
    • ‘For machines without a tie-off function, switch to a very short straight stitch, sew a few stitches, then clip the thread ends close to the fabric surface.’