Definition of straight edge in English:

straight edge


  • A bar with one accurately straight edge, used for testing whether something else is straight.

    • ‘Measuring instruments, like levels and straight edges, are in that anomalous class of hand tools which do not directly affect the work piece, but only report on its status.’
    • ‘Using a straight edge and black marker, Irvan draws a square.’
    • ‘The first line was marked using a straight edge, and the following marks were made using a custom made gauge attached to a modified plow.’
    • ‘Use a straight edge or ruler to help keep the blade vertical.’
    • ‘Assemble the frieze sections on level ground, and against a straight edge to keep them square, before toenailing them to the 4x4 posts.’
    • ‘Then, with a straight edge, score along your chalk line.’
    • ‘Use a straight edge and a single-edged razor to cut down the middle of the overlapped seam, making sure the razor cuts through both pieces of border.’
    • ‘I use a metal straight edge to tear paper and haven't had any trouble with detached metal particles although I have read that this can be a problem.’
    • ‘They checked to see if the slab would easily wrap around the pipe and then used a straight edge to cut out an appropriate-sized rectangle from the clay.’
    • ‘I clamp a steel straight edge in a vise and just draw the surface over the steel edge a few times.’
    • ‘Using the metal ruler as a straight edge cut 10 1-inch right triangles with the craft knife.’
    • ‘Setting out methods have changed little in five millennia: with nails, string, and a straight edge even the most elaborate design can be successfully laid out.’
    • ‘Butt the crown molding up against the straight edge and nail it into place with finishing nails.’
    • ‘After you've properly planned your plank flooring, use a straight edge and a permanent marker to mark over the chalked lines.’


  • (especially among fans of hardcore punk music) having an ascetic or abstinent lifestyle.

    ‘he's so straight-edge that he won't even take Tylenol when he has a headache’


straight edge