Definition of straight chair in English:

straight chair


  • A straight-backed side chair.

    • ‘To the left and up a little is a second-story bedroom with only a brass bed and a straight chair.’
    • ‘Russell dropped into the straight chair near the tiny bunk alcove and buried his head in his palms.’
    • ‘Petty is across the way, leaning back in a straight chair, wearing jeans and a pressed white shirt.’
    • ‘Max sat in a hard-backed, straight chair, staring at the man as he paced before her.’
    • ‘We got to sit on straight chairs, and they had this lady play sad songs on the piano while we were waiting for him to come in and lecture.’
    • ‘Victoria walks in quietly and attempts to sit down relatively unnoticed, but kicks her toe on an empty straight chair, creating a great racket.’
    • ‘I'm fine, but you can't be comfortable in that straight chair.’
    • ‘Bob saw a large bed, a fireplace with a gas heater where the fire once went, a dresser, a couple of straight chairs and a large table covered with a Union Jack.’