Definition of straight arrow in English:

straight arrow


North American
  • An honest, morally upright person.

    ‘he was remembered as a loner and a straight arrow’
    • ‘You can tell his character is gonna be a straight arrow when he refuses to let an unctuous lobbyist buy him breakfast.’
    • ‘I'm a straight arrow, and a superb administrator - when I see a need, the task is as good as done.’
    • ‘The only thing you can really smear Clear with is his military service since he was such a straight arrow personally.’
    • ‘He had that public persona of being a real straight arrow - married and a father.’
    • ‘Joe was the straightest of the straight arrows, a real gentleman.’
    • ‘If you're an ordinary person you've got to be an absolute straight arrow.’
    • ‘Paul was what we called a straight arrow, maybe the straightest I have ever known.’
    • ‘Sure, Carter's still an idiot, Stan a straight arrow, and Kurt a complainer, but the boys seem to be showing signs of complexity and layering.’
    • ‘Harry is an unbreakable straight arrow who remains completely uncontaminated in his search for the psycho.’
    • ‘I, Josephine Forbes, have always been a straight arrow, if you will.’
    • ‘Reichert is the naïve, by-the-book straight arrow and Keppel the imaginative, albeit somewhat troubled, veteran.’
    • ‘He had the reputation of a straight arrow with a passion for community causes, someone you could turn your back to without fear of being stabbed, someone who valued a good idea.’
    • ‘The reason I was in Regina, was that my little brother - straight arrow, crack shot, judo expert and noted stunt driver - graduated from the RCMP academy.’
    • ‘Andie, the academic straight arrow, succumbs to the temptation to cheat on an important exam.’
    • ‘Prior to that I'd always been a straight arrow, a model of restraint.’
    • ‘Given his own natural inclination towards bizarre parts, the relatively straight arrow that is Murdoch appears to be a blip on his acting map.’
    • ‘It's useless to pretend you're just a straight arrow - nobody believes you anyway.’
    • ‘But as times and tastes changed, it needed a catalyst to move beyond the shopworn stereotypes of cops as either by-the-book straight arrows or rakish, rule-breaking mavericks.’
    • ‘English, once something of the good-guy, straight-arrow of the movie business, has morphed into a person everybody thinks there's something wrong with.’


North American
  • Honest and morally upright.

    ‘the straight-arrow head coach found himself answering for their crimes’
    • ‘In a coda, we see Rose working happily in the flower shop of a straight-arrow friend who had previously refused to give into her request to teach her how to kiss because he wasn't romantically attracted to her.’
    • ‘Mr Gordon, former CEO of this newspaper, is well-respected and known as a straight-arrow kind of person.’
    • ‘But all who knew Zach say there's no way he would do such a thing - he was a straight-arrow who even had a Marine poster in his room.’
    • ‘Hence, when Danielle is coerced back into the world of porn by her edgy former producer, it is down to Kelly's straight-arrow over-achiever to drive to Las Vegas to rescue her, complete with geeky friends in tow.’
    • ‘Well, so the good straight arrow Captain has the hots for the Admiral's stepdaughter.’
    • ‘As obvious a choice as the clean-cut, straight-arrow Williams would seem to be, there is some hand-wringing about this decision among nostalgic types.’
    • ‘Max might like to point out that most of his clients are the tackier celebs, but he's still the uxorious straight-arrow type.’
    • ‘Pearce is somewhat miscast as the straight-arrow U.S. military lawyer, with his perpetual shadowy mustache and his accent morphing from Aussie to New York to Southern.’
    • ‘You feel like trying to escape from her straight-arrow husband and her biker boyfriend’
    • ‘He is watched over by his straight-arrow grandson, Jason, and six-year-old great-grandson, Zach.’
    • ‘He was a perfect soldier; a straight-arrow type upset by the way the federal government was behaving.’
    • ‘The boys quickly decide to take matters into their own hands - except for the relatively straight-arrow Jeremiah - and investigate their mother's death themselves.’
    • ‘Good for George that he came across a dedicated, straight-arrow copper.’
    • ‘So many Hollywood pretty boys of the past gave us nothing but straight-arrow heroes, while swamping the ageing process in soft-focus photography to ever-decreasing effect.’
    • ‘It's just not as fun playing a straight-arrow LAPD cop as it is a sociopathic mobster.’
    • ‘Corporations, run by men with no objective morals and flush with the false paper profits of Keynesian economics, will not be rigorously straight-arrow in their financial dealings - that you can be sure of.’
    • ‘There exists, let us remember, a straight-arrow version of Warne.’
    • ‘Few public downfalls have brought so much satisfaction to those with ill-matched living rooms but straight-arrow lives.’


straight arrow