Definition of stoutly in English:



  • 1With courage and determination.

    ‘she stoutly defends her action’
    ‘he stoutly maintained his innocence’
    • ‘By stoutly rejecting the force of federal constitutional law, Moore takes the South back to some of its least attractive history.’
    • ‘Unlike his master, Trudge stoutly resists a planter's effort to sell his mistress into slavery.’
    • ‘They Pakistanis have stoutly denied any association with the hijacking.’
    • ‘It is reasonable to surmise she will stoutly support the prime minister.’
    • ‘He stoutly persisted in the confession of his faith.’
  • 2In a strong and sturdy manner.

    ‘the houses are built stoutly of granite’
    • ‘Its well-muscled body is supported by stoutly boned, short to medium legs that give the cat a low-slung appearance.’
    • ‘Walter is played by the now stoutly adolescent actor, and is required to stop doing his familiar tiny little voice and be a hearty normal kid.’
    • ‘The deputy nurses a pint of the black stuff, held stoutly in his fist.’
    • ‘Most varieties are stoutly constructed, suggesting a defensive mechanism against predatory fish.’
    • ‘He's a stoutly built middle-aged man with an intelligent face.’