Definition of stout-heartedly in English:



  • See stout-hearted

    • ‘But she carried on staunchly, stout-heartedly, and cheerily, the type that keeps the English home-fires burning, and will continue to do so.’
    • ‘Sometimes I know that I am to be punished for the villainy I have committed, and it would be only just for me to accept that stout-heartedly.’
    • ‘Most Mormons bore the hardships of the frontier stout-heartedly, even cheerfully.’
    • ‘In the past, many in America spent their money stout-heartedly thus, stimulating and cranking up the economy.’
    • ‘It must have been a strong creed which enabled him to endure cheerfully three winter months in front of Maan and to share out enough spirit among five hundred ordinary men to keep them stout-heartedly about him.’