Definition of stout-hearted in English:



  • Courageous or determined.

    ‘he was a stout-hearted, even an obstinate man’
    ‘we were both enthusiastic, resolute, and, in our unequal ways, stout-hearted’
    • ‘Colonel Sakurai was a stout-hearted and straightforward man.’
    • ‘Ekanayake was adjudged the Man of the Match for his stout-hearted effort.’
    • ‘Any sallies into Ballyhaunis territory by the St. Colman's lads were usually blunted by the bulwark of the stout-hearted Ballyhaunis defence whose confidence and commitment was never once dented on this occasion.’
    • ‘In Shakespeare, probity is the possession of stout-hearted simpletons, such as Florizel, Bassanio, and Duke Orsino.’
    • ‘The power of a whining drill to strike terror into the most stout-hearted Scot is a key reason why the country has one of the worst records on dental health in Europe.’
    • ‘With the value of the euro plummeting like a stone, not only stout-hearted defenders of sterling must have been wishing they could receive this assurance in writing.’
    • ‘Mascots are some of the most noble, dedicated, and stout-hearted performers.’
    • ‘A few minutes research in any supermarket is enough to alarm the most stout-hearted customer.’
    • ‘The two teams continued to fight on and both sets of defences dug in deep and contested every ball with stout-hearted blocking, hooking and tackling.’
    • ‘Having said that, I think we really have to be stout-hearted.’
    • ‘In fairness, after again showing their customary and deeply worrying failure to put the opposition away, Galway dug deep to earn a replay against a busy and stout-hearted Dongal team.’
    • ‘Italy's few stout-hearted collectors of emerging art, Giuseppe Panza most conspicuously, were inclined to favor the Americans.’
    • ‘Large crowds attended the funeral ceremonies on both days, a fitting and entirely deserved tribute to this stout-hearted gentleman.’
    • ‘The stout-hearted intensity of this company provided a conviction of its own.’
    • ‘First, I rounded up three stout-hearted companions.’
    • ‘She was a wonderful woman, intelligent and stout-hearted.’
    • ‘When Hell-Cat Maggie screeched her battle cry and rushed biting and clawing into the midst of a mass of opposing gangsters, even the most stout-hearted blanched and fled.’
    • ‘Lauren and I are stout-hearted individuals and, as you may remember, psychic twins.’
    brave, determined, full of determination, courageous, bold, plucky, spirited, valiant, valorous, gallant, fearless, undaunted, dauntless, doughty, unafraid, intrepid, manly, heroic, lionhearted
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