Main definitions of stour in English

: stour1Stour2


(also stoor)


mass nounScottish, Northern English
  • Dust forming a cloud or deposited in a mass.

    ‘demolition stour clung thickly to the walls’
    • ‘We buy a crumbling house, invite half a dozen builders in to demolish its interior walls - then grumble about the stour, the noise and the unsightly skip in the garden.’
    • ‘The architect, thought long and hard about the look of his upturned boats but evidently did not realise that the stoor created by construction work would trigger the fire alarms.’
    • ‘A strategically-placed napkin saves my cassoulet from the stour as it falls to earth.’


Late Middle English: of uncertain origin.




Main definitions of stour in English

: stour1Stour2


proper noun

  • 1A river of southern England which rises in west Wiltshire and flows south-east to meet the English Channel east of Bournemouth.

  • 2A river of eastern England which rises south-east of Cambridge and flows south-eastwards to the North Sea.

  • 3A river of central England which rises west of Wolverhampton and flows south-westwards through Stourbridge and Kidderminster to meet the Severn at Stourport-on-Severn.