Definition of stotty in English:


(also stotty cake, stottie)


mass nounNorthern English
  • 1A kind of coarse bread made from spare scraps of white dough.

    • ‘Stotty is a Geordie expression meaning ‘bounce’, and you may see why it's called stotty bread, stotty cake, or flat cake when you read the recipe.’
    • ‘The Geordie stottie has a fluffy texture and was often traditionally eaten filled with bacon and pease pudding.’
    • ‘Traditionalists and historians will argue over whether the stottie cake is a Northumbrian or Tyneside invention, but one thing's for sure - it has graced many a Northumbrian packed lunch.’
    • ‘This causes the stottie to become rather unpleasant and damp.’
    • ‘She will be able to buy a little more stotty cake and perhaps a bottle of Newcastle brown now and again.’
    1. 1.1count noun A soft roll made from coarse bread.
      • ‘We should treasure local foods: chip butties and Craster kippers, stotties and pease pudding.’
      • ‘The daytime menu featuring hot and cold sandwiches, wraps, burgers, hot oven jackets and mouthwatering stotties, is available from 1pm until 5pm.’
      • ‘A ham and peas pudding stottie was a lunchtime standard.’
      • ‘You can get Brown Ale over here in Alberta, but there are no stotty cakes in Quebec as far as I know’
      • ‘Traditional stotties are sold by bakery chain in its North East stores, but the real thing isn't sold south of Teesside.’
      • ‘Stotties, or stotty cakes, are a Northeast delicacy - large doughy bread cakes, ideal for providing a hearty meal when filled with various delights.’
      • ‘There is nothing today quite so good as the ‘stotty cakes’ and ‘tatey pot’ she used to make.’
      • ‘My mother used to split and fill half a stottie for me most lunch times as a child, but if I had been a good lad she'd let me have a whole one.’
      • ‘By the way, the Geordie brekkie of a stotty cake isn't breakfast to us Cumbrians.’
      • ‘If you want a sandwich leave the packaged triangle shaped things in London and wait till you get to Newcastle and ask for a filled stottie.’
      • ‘Billy and his friends would spend lots of time at his mother's house playing cards and she would spend lots of time making and buttering them stotty cakes.’
      • ‘And if you knew the north east you would know we feast on nothing but stotty cakes, tatey pot and pease pudding!’
      • ‘It certainly puts a new spin on the traditional business lunch, as staff can now expect everything from sausage rolls to stotties to be hitting the boardroom table!’
      • ‘When the dough had risen she would cut it and put it into baking tins, and with what was left she would make stotty cakes.’
      • ‘The service at our local parish church was lovely, the vicar's words evoking memories of Aunty Doreen that inevitably included the legendary stottie cakes.’


Of unknown origin.