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  • 1A book containing a story or collection of stories intended for children.

    • ‘Storybooks make great gifts for children.’
    • ‘Throughout the month of December there will be a special display in the library of Christmas and winter storybooks for children.’
    • ‘This summer, children have enough to choose from, be it films based on storybooks or those inspired by cartoons.’
    • ‘Rose proudly held her new rag doll up for everyone to see, while Adam carefully pocketed his toy soldiers to protect them from his brother and examined his storybooks.’
    • ‘After reading storybooks that contain rhymes and/or alliteration, teachers can engage the children in story extension activities that promote thinking about sounds and words.’
    • ‘The saga of tiny things abounds in children's rhymes, songs, storybooks and protected collections.’
    • ‘Harry sat down in an oak rocker near the bed and opened one of Sean's favorite storybooks, then began to read it to him.’
    • ‘Mrs. Miller found some old storybooks that used to belong to her little boy.’
    • ‘Whether allowed to take the books home, or read them only inside the library premises, children who begin reading interesting storybooks lose track of the time and get totally involved in the narration.’
    • ‘She craves blue eyes, thinking that if she looked like the blue-eyed girls from storybooks, her parents, teachers, and boys would love her.’
    • ‘The range includes two storybooks to read with children and four activity books.’
    • ‘Maybe you'll land a gig as a helper at the daycare center or volunteer to read storybooks in the children's library.’
    • ‘Certainly, contemporary storybooks to fit your child's age and interests will be at the top of the list.’
    • ‘I also inherited one of my teacher's daughter's collection of storybooks.’
    • ‘He gave me a lot of background on the original King Arthur myths, and it was enlightening because so much of my knowledge of King Arthur was based on children's storybooks and movies.’
    • ‘Have a box of storybooks with you: fairy tales, Bible stories, etc.’
    • ‘Illustrated fictional storybooks can play a key supportive role in developing young children's awareness of and aesthetic response to the environment.’
    • ‘I read storybooks and poetry, not at all the things that would possibly appear in the exams.’
    • ‘But they will not experience the joy of playing indoor and outdoor games and reading storybooks.’
    • ‘We loaded the car up with snacks, comics, some storybooks and a selection of toys in order to keep up Zachery's interest.’
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    1. 1.1as modifier Denoting something that is as idyllic or perfect as things typically are in children's stories.
      ‘it was a storybook finish to an illustrious career’
      • ‘Ilsa too is fresh-faced, much less mysterious in her motives; only Victor's storybook idealism is chiefly unaffected by the full lighting.’
      • ‘It was the perfect ending to a storybook season, that saw the 17-year-old Russian dethrone Williams at Wimbledon to become the darling of the tennis world.’
      • ‘The more time I spend with J, the more he becomes my role model… he's successful beyond belief, and throughout his storybook journey has remained gracious, down to earth and friendly.’
      • ‘Pantano also boasts a storybook life: After serving in the Marines as an enlisted man and graduating from New York University, he embarked on careers on Wall Street and then as a TV producer.’
      • ‘Just five years after the triumphant New York to Paris flight, his storybook life began to unravel when his infant son was kidnapped.’
      • ‘We're on a misty riverbank, with lush, flowering trees and towering storybook castles in the background.’
      • ‘The Dodgers' storybook season ended in defeat at the hands of the Yankees.’
      • ‘After all, they reasoned, the tall ceilings, deep moldings, and storybook wraparound front porch made the house a good candidate for remodeling.’
      • ‘Sir Malcolm was a charismatic, storybook figure, who combined fierce ambition with a playful sense of adventure - as his expedition in 1926 to find buried treasure on the Cocos Islands showed.’
      • ‘Another thing that I cannot stand are the other kids my age who are the storybook image of what perfect is supposed to be.’
      • ‘Days disappeared in a flurry of sea and sand and the evenings became storybook forays to find a beach where we could barbecue sausages and toast marshmallows.’
      • ‘Much of the credit for crafting the team's storybook season has gone to the coach, who demanded and got a superhuman work ethic from his players as they knocked off division leaders three times to advance to the final.’
      • ‘Do you own a twee, high-ceilinged, airy old-fashioned storybook home near York that you plan to leave for a few days next month?’
      • ‘In August 1972, her father's failed attempt to overthrow King Hassan brought an abrupt end to nineteen-year-old Malika's storybook youth.’
      • ‘Our culture is also to blame, Huston says, for perpetuating the myth of storybook romance, which is more likely to doom a marriage than strengthen it.’
      • ‘It was a charming wedding, filled with storybook happiness and, nine months later, I arrived.’
      • ‘And, in storybook fashion, he recovered sufficiently to play a starring role as England claimed the World Cup in 1999.’
      • ‘This study provides students a clear example of how technological choices are not the storybook cases of perfected innovations replacing hopelessly outclassed traditional methods.’
      • ‘In short, she was your everyday, run of the mill, storybook best pal - like the friends you get in Enid Blighton books or Disney films.’
      • ‘Movies often portray this same storybook image - that falling in love is really just that: falling, out of control, toward that one person who is meant to be with you and you alone.’