Definition of stormbound in English:



  • Prevented by storms from starting or continuing a journey.

    ‘stormbound crews built barricades of wreckage for defence’
    ‘his cousins and friends have been stormbound without a plane for several days’
    • ‘He was a judge, and seems to have written the book while stormbound in Norway; but he thought it unsuitable for a cookery book to be presented as the work of a man.’
    • ‘To make that a big show he has asked journalists from all of Britain's newspapers to come here to be stormbound in the Harris Hotel.’
    • ‘In one of Orissa's many stormbound villages a young woman saw a wall collapse on her husband, a barber.’
    • ‘The polar opposite is four unshaven, unwashed guys stormbound for the third day in a two-man tent on a ledge at 26,000 feet, wondering why they didn't take up golf instead.’
    • ‘The wind is 35 knots or more, the hail is coming down in skull-crushing showers, we're stormbound, no-one knows when the ferries will be able to run again, and the electricity is on and off.’