Definition of storm drain in English:

storm drain


  • A drain built to carry away excess water in times of heavy rain.

    • ‘Rainwater soaks back into the soil naturally in a woodlot but runs off a parking lot and must be captured in a storm sewer.’
    • ‘Two armed bandits who robbed a San Fernando businessman of $21,700 in cash and jewelry used a storm drain as their escape route yesterday.’
    • ‘Construction workers building houses on the site near Bingley uncovered the hand grenade in a storm drain.’
    • ‘In this case, run off from the roof drains went into the storm drain and out into Parkside Creek.’
    • ‘According to a 1995 study, one in 25 people who swam near a storm drain came down with a gastro-intestinal illness.’
    • ‘As a consequence, less water runs straight to storm sewers over-taxed by heavy rains.’
    • ‘Rain turned the dirt to mud, clogging a storm drain and allowing water to pool in the road.’
    • ‘The work will include paved shoulder bike lanes, street lighting and an enclosed storm drain will be constructed on the south side.’
    • ‘They replaced the water main only to damage the storm sewer.’
    • ‘The roadworks were needed because a short section of the reconstructed carriageway had subsided near a storm drain.’
    • ‘Together they laid French drains - gravel and perforated pipe - and hooked them into the storm sewer.’
    • ‘Whereas rainwater falling on a regular roof quickly flows off the roof and into a storm sewer, much of the rain falling on a green roof is absorbed by its plants and soil to later evaporate or transpire back into the air as water vapor.’
    • ‘Does the Department of Streets and Sanitation handle a litter-clogged storm drain or is it the Department of Water Management?’
    • ‘Work started on a storm drain along Dongtan Beach months and months ago.’
    • ‘Rainwater slowly seeps into the soil, replenishing the groundwater supply, instead of disappearing down the nearest storm drain.’
    • ‘A restaurant dumps its waste grease down a storm drain.’
    • ‘There's a huge storm drain near where I live, and when I was a kid we'd go off adventuring in it.’
    • ‘A further problem is that the main storm drain, which enters the Barrow at the bridge, is sometimes contaminated with raw sewage.’
    • ‘The duckling, christened Lucky, was waddling down Cyprus Road behind its mother with its nine brothers and sisters when it toppled over and fell into a storm drain.’
    • ‘The town will also extend the storm sewer on the street.’