Definition of storage device in English:

storage device


  • A piece of computer equipment on which information can be stored.

    • ‘A query is executed in a computer to retrieve data from a database stored on a data storage device.’
    • ‘It needs a link between the virtual/main memory of the computer and the secondary storage device in order to access the data contained in the database.’
    • ‘By clicking onto this icon the user can access the general and private data from the storage device in no time.’
    • ‘While there is plenty there, it's a shame that's its not upgradeable, or you can't use the phone as a storage device.’
    • ‘The near future of storage devices continues to be increasing storage capacity while reducing the physical size of the storage device.’
    • ‘Are you looking for a high-capacity storage device big enough to store and preserve tons of vital computer data?’
    • ‘With this kit you can take almost any old hard drive and convert it into an external storage device.’
    • ‘This particular error usually indicates that the mass storage device isn't recognized properly by Windows.’
    • ‘If you have a high-capacity storage device, you can store one hour of high-definition TV and watch it later.’
    • ‘If you really want to remove the file's contents from a mass storage device - be it a hard drive or a USB drive - you've got to overwrite the individual file blocks with new data.’
    • ‘It is a removable storage device which plugs into the USB port.’
    • ‘Digital rights software will enable users to view the program a certain number of times, after which it will be automatically erased from the storage device.’
    • ‘Flash memory chips are the primary storage device for handphones at present, but small HDDs are at least three or four times more cost-efficient.’
    • ‘It will be detected as an external storage device, and automatically be assigned a drive letter.’
    • ‘The drives were seen as additions to existing hardware, not as an independent storage device.’
    • ‘It has also been claimed that part or all of the device's memory can be mounted on a host computer's desktop as a removable storage device.’
    • ‘For added flexibility, they can be used as a USB storage device.’
    • ‘The hard drive is the primary storage device for desktop and laptop computers.’
    • ‘A statement is stored in a database stored on a data storage device connected to a computer.’
    • ‘The archiving is a multi-step process, including data compression and then moving the files to the nearline storage device.’