Definition of storage battery in English:

storage battery

(also storage cell)


  • A battery (or cell) used for storing electrical energy.

    • ‘Industrial chemicals added to the suspected carcinogen list include naphthalene, an ingredient in mothballs and toilet bowl deodorants, and lead used to make lead-acid storage batteries, ammunition, and cable coverings.’
    • ‘Li immediately started the storage battery while assuring the passengers that everything would be okay soon.’
    • ‘About half of the antimony produced in the United States is recycled from old lead storage batteries, in which the antimony was originally alloyed with lead.’
    • ‘When he wasn't presiding in court, Grove could be found in his laboratory, where he made several important improvements to the design of storage batteries.’
    • ‘Current speculation is that an explosion of hydrogen from storage batteries caused the damage.’
    • ‘Mine was fully equipped with a working storage battery and ready to drive off the lot.’
    • ‘In 1900 the U.S. Navy acquired its first modern submarine, fitted with torpedo tubes and running submerged on electricity from storage batteries.’
    • ‘The electrical discharge from the lead storage battery provides the energy to start the internal combustion process in a car.’
    • ‘Solar panels, storage batteries and installation start at about $20,000 for modest dwellings, and $25,000 to $30,000 for three-bedroom homes.’
    • ‘The voltage required to properly recharge a storage battery varies with battery temperature.’
    • ‘Our idea is to take the output through the inverter to a storage battery and out to a pair of hub motors.’
    • ‘Cables lead the solar energy to storage cells and to the households.’
    • ‘So by day, some of the collected solar energy gets channeled into storage batteries for later use during dark hours.’
    • ‘That's the promise of the miniaturized fuel cell, which could end the long run of the storage battery.’
    • ‘Researchers have been looking for a substitute for the lead storage battery that would provide electrical current efficiently, but that would not pose an environmental hazard.’
    • ‘They contain their own internal electrical generators operated by natural ‘rider’ movements making them independent of conventional storage batteries.’
    • ‘Lead-arsenic alloys were once used widely in lead storage batteries and lead shot.’
    • ‘The storage cell converts available light from any ambient source into electrical energy.’
    • ‘Two 120-cell storage batteries are installed in the first and third compartments of the submarine.’
    • ‘If the batteries were simply charged directly by the solar panels and windmill, about 80% of the energy produced by them would be available to the motor, as that is the charge-discharge efficiency of modern storage batteries.’


storage battery