Definition of stopwatch in English:



  • A special watch with buttons that start, stop, and then zero the hands, used to time races.

    • ‘Many years ago, a young parent picked up a stopwatch to time her child's race at a recreation league meet.’
    • ‘A straightforward extension in the method of using stopwatches is the use of electronic timers, pneumatic tubes or other event recorders to automate the event-recording process.’
    • ‘The chip, which is attached to the person's trainer, would scrap the need for stopwatches and ensure the 13-mile run goes smoothly.’
    • ‘He runs two 40-yard dashes, and the scouts huddle to compare their stopwatches.’
    • ‘Mack produced three of the working stopwatches from his pocket and held them out to Emma and Wyatt who took them in their hands carefully.’
    • ‘Pedometers, which look like stopwatches or pagers, have become popular tools for keeping track of steps and promoting moderate exercise.’
    • ‘We called the first three breakdown services simultaneously, and with stopwatches running waited for the tow trucks to arrive.’
    • ‘When Megan hears the sound to start the race, she starts the stopwatch she holds in her hand.’
    • ‘The teacher fished out a stopwatch from her shorts' pocket and gave the signal to go.’
    • ‘The timer eliminated the need for a stopwatch and enabled participants to start at their leisure.’
    • ‘Use either the manual selection on the cardio machine so you have a time clock or use a stopwatch of your own.’
    • ‘If you train with a partner, have him time you with a stopwatch, help you count off reps at the right speed and keep you in your window.’
    • ‘Someone has to start the stopwatch and someone has to stop it.’
    • ‘I had accidentally stopped my stopwatch so didn't know how much time I had taken, so I really wanted to push myself to get the best time possible.’
    • ‘They trained from scratch over the last six months and, according to their own stopwatches, finished in two hours and 31 minutes.’
    • ‘There are stopwatches and timing systems everywhere.’
    • ‘His trainer, I presumed, since he was the only other person out here, was standing close by and held a stopwatch in his hand.’
    • ‘They've got stopwatches to make sure we don't exceed time limits, and it's much more athletic than it was.’
    • ‘The physician uses a stopwatch or a wristwatch with a second hand to time this activity.’
    • ‘But stopwatches have become so sophisticated that scouts can clock times to hundredths of a second.’
    timepiece, chronometer, small clock, timer
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