Definition of stopstreet in English:



South African
  • An intersection at which there is a sign instructing drivers to stop before proceeding across.

    • ‘Turn right at stopstreet, following the Stofberg sign.’
    • ‘This stopstreet is notorious for accidents, as virtually 80% of vehicles pass through this intersection, without stopping - the drivers treat the stop signs as yield signs.’
    • ‘In hindsight, this turned out to be a route best left to the adventurous - hundreds of potholes, unexpected stopstreets and mining trucks made for an interesting ride.’
    • ‘So, as we all have been taught, I with the other motorists treated the intersection as a 4-way stopstreet.’
    • ‘was pulling away at a stopstreet, and as soon as I engaged 2nd gear, the gearbox just locked up, causing me to nearly go through the windscreen.’
    • ‘Pulling up the handbrake at stopstreets and traffic lights is mandatory and if you don't you fail.’
    • ‘At the next traffic light turn right into Link Street and drive till the stopstreet.’
    • ‘About 1km further on there is a 4-way crossing; not a 4-way stopstreet.’
    • ‘Follow the road over the stopstreet and straight after the hotel you will get the entrance to the complex.’
    • ‘At the stopstreet, turn right on to the R44 (Klapmuts).’
    • ‘After entering Humansdorp at the stopstreet, go straight into the main street.’