Definition of stopping train in English:

stopping train


  • A train which stops at most or all intermediate stations on a line.

    • ‘I have wasted time by getting into a stopping train instead of the express.’
    • ‘Local stopping trains had been withdrawn, the platforms were falling into disrepair and ramblers had limited opportunities to reach the remote Pennine hills and dales by public transport.’
    • ‘The intended closure of the Waterloo service, with its stopping trains, and the abolition of hunting with hounds both demonstrate the government's refusal to listen to evidence.’
    • ‘Other proposals include having fewer services into and out of mid-Kent, with most stopping trains terminating at Dartford, Slade Green or Plumstead.’
    • ‘It is only a two track rail here though, and the stopping trains could influence the speed of the high speed ones.’
    • ‘The duties sound onerous, but, with perhaps only half a dozen stopping trains a day each way in the early days, only the signalman was more or less constantly 'on duty'.’
    • ‘I got to Caulfield at 17: 47, and found that they were announcing that the 17: 49 stopping train had been cancelled.’
    • ‘The current timetable shows six stopping trains from Kingston to Waterloo via Wimbledon between 8am and 9am.’
    • ‘I went to Bournemouth on the stopping train.’


stopping train

/ˈstɒpɪŋ ˌtreɪn/