Definition of stopcock in English:



  • An externally operated valve regulating the flow of a liquid or gas through a pipe, in particular one on the water main supplying a house.

    ‘in many houses, the main stopcock is situated under the kitchen sink’
    • ‘Check the mains-water stopcock works and that all the family know where it is.’
    • ‘A buret is a long tube with volume markings for precise measurement and a stopcock at the bottom to control the flow of liquid.’
    • ‘A quick fumble for the stopcock, a basin, and a phone call to my father solved the leak, but I was left with a very wet floor to clean.’
    • ‘During the night on Sunday / Monday, the main stopcock (which is in the cloakroom) started leaking.’
    • ‘The benefits of the system include easy access to a stopcock, damage prevention due to unwanted leaks or pipe bursts and saving costs by conserving water.’
    • ‘Finally, his exhausted wife pointed out the location of the stopcock behind the kitchen sink and all was well.’
    • ‘The company advises householders to check that their main stopcock works and that all pipe work, cisterns and tanks are well insulated.’
    • ‘Although pump mechanisms are a key element in the transport of fluids in medical applications, valves, stopcocks, lines, and other components are also critical flow-control elements.’
    • ‘The company has also advised householders to check stopcocks are working and that pipe work and tanks are well insulated.’
    • ‘They asked him to turn off the stopcock for the water.’
    • ‘The report states that some areas in the Zone 8 area have leaking pipes and stopcocks, and shortages of meter readers.’
    • ‘The man knocked on the door saying he wanted to check the stopcock and used taps in the kitchen before moving to the living room.’
    • ‘The intermediate water sampler was similarly constructed but had two valved stopcocks at top and bottom through which water flowed freely as the device descended, but which snapped closed as soon as the line was hauled upward.’
    • ‘I tried to turn the mains off in the road and it would not turn right off so I had a constant flow of water coming through to the main stopcock inside my house.’
    • ‘The stopcock and boiler are two floors below in the cellar.’
    • ‘However, I am satisfied on the evidence that the stopcock had to be removed to enable the brickwork outer leaf to be removed and that a new stopcock was not unreasonable.’
    • ‘He claimed one resident's car had been trapped in his drive for weeks, another car had been damaged when a lorry backed into it, and the outside stopcock to one house had had to be replaced.’
    • ‘The pair called at 11 am on Friday, telling her they were from the water board and needed to turn off the stopcock inside.’
    valve, spout, cock, spile
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