Definition of stop valve in English:

stop valve


  • A valve used to stop the flow of liquid in a pipe.

    • ‘If this is not possible, turn the water supply off at the stop valve and drain the system down or leave a key with a neighbour in case a problem arises.’
    • ‘Turn the water off at the stop valve that is on the line to the outside (you may have just installed one).’
    • ‘Before it gets really cold, make sure you know where your water stop valve is - so that if the worst comes to the worst and a pipe does burst, you can turn the water off quickly.’
    • ‘He ran from the immediate vicinity to find a stop valve to turn the water off.’
    • ‘I can't even remember if the problem to do with the header tank and the problem to do with the ballcock stop valve were connected.’
    • ‘After closing the stop valves, be sure to check that they have shut off the water flow completely - older valves that haven't been used in a while may stick in the partially open position.’
    • ‘First, shut the water to the toilet, using the stop valve that comes out of the wall or the floor below the left side of the tank.’
    • ‘When he was 30 metres away from the scene, the hydrant burst and he rushed to find a stop valve to shut the water off, which he managed to do after about ten minutes.’
    • ‘Consumers are asked to identify the location of stop valves which will greatly facilitate the speed of installing meters.’