Definition of stop-motion in English:



  • mass noun, usually as modifier A cinematographic technique whereby the camera is repeatedly stopped and started, for example to give animated figures the impression of movement.

    • ‘I cannot recall seeing stop-motion animation with such detail, not only in the characters but in the surroundings as well.’
    • ‘The stop-motion animation is blended in with the live action to make for seamless effects.’
    • ‘The effects themselves blend stop-motion animation and enlarged shots of real creatures.’
    • ‘I'd much rather see old-fashioned stop-motion animation than lousy computer graphics.’
    • ‘Traditionally, stop-motion animation is done with a locked-off camera because moving the camera and the characters in perfect synch is quite a challenge.’
    • ‘No transfer is good enough to mask the soft effects shots and jerky stop-motion clips.’
    • ‘I have to admit I have a soft spot for these old, stop-motion monster movies.’
    • ‘One is left with a strong appreciation for the unique gift that allows stop-motion animators to perform such slow, painstaking work without going crazy.’
    • ‘A set of four theatrical trailers, all sharing the common theme of stop-motion animation, are included.’
    • ‘Their low-budget videos were his first: usually little stop-motion animation films involving innocent adventures in modelled landscapes.’
    • ‘The visuals are an odd mix of stop-motion animation, sequences dreamed out of a gothic imagination, with heavy doses of often indecipherable imagery and symbolism.’
    • ‘Filmed almost entirely using stop-motion animation techniques, the film is a triumph for the team of animators and for the co-directors.’
    • ‘It is up to you to decide whether sparkling stop-motion animation, catchy music, and a hearty dose of dry British humor is enough to overcome an uninvolving allegorical plot.’
    • ‘Pete Smith specialized in stop-motion photography, and you can see two of the best samples of his work here.’
    • ‘I would have been interested in a discussion of how the series compares to the original books, and I always like to watch production footage of stop-motion animation.’
    • ‘Most curious about this picture, though, is the use of stop-motion animation to depict the infant creatures.’
    • ‘Throughout the course of my lifetime several stop-motion animation efforts have been brought to the small screen, few as beautifully as this trilogy.’
    • ‘This entire sequence was done with such shaky stop-motion animation that it literally had me laughing out loud.’
    • ‘Perhaps cutting back on the excessive stop-motion photography would have shaved an hour off its running time, producing a tight, generally appealing whodunit.’
    • ‘And the animation, which is stop-motion rather than computer generated, looks wonderful.’