Definition of stoolie in English:



North American
  • short for stool pigeon
    • ‘He claims I'm harboring a business associate and demands that I ‘cough up the stoolie.’’
    • ‘Raymond enters the D.C. prison system a marked man - gang members feel he's a traitor and a potential stoolie.’
    • ‘No evidence of ‘conspiracy’ is necessary other than a stoolie's say-so - not cash, not corroborative testimony, not even the drugs themselves.’
    • ‘The film culminates in a massive assault on the police precinct where the stoolie is being held.’
    • ‘Now, we've got a house on V street, around the corner, that we suspect is being used by bootlegger's and drug stoolies as a depot for mules.’
    • ‘His editor would not challenge and tolerate him, the various and sundry contacts and stoolies would not squeal to him.’
    • ‘There are the requisite dark interiors, piercing blades of light, gunplay a-plenty, saucy dames, and stumbling stoolies.’
    • ‘My gun is back in my violin case, and the only thing that looks out of place on me are my hiking shoes, which I wore last week to a trip with Kev to go take care of some mob stoolies.’
    • ‘As soon as he was accepted, he applied for immediate transfer to Dallas so that he might be accepted by the Triads, and he was, as a stoolie.’
    • ‘He's fingered for the crime by professional stoolie Moe, and he soon finds himself on the run from Joey, the cops, and the Feds, all of whom are seeking the microfilm for their own reasons.’
    • ‘Here an intelligent, self-taught inmate, Jim, works as a file clerk, unjustly called a stoolie by his fellow prisoners although he strives to help them.’