Definition of stoolball in English:



mass noun
  • (in the UK) a team game resembling cricket, with a board (originally a stool) as a wicket, played chiefly by women and girls.

    • ‘All that we do know for a fact is that the terms baseball and stoolball were used interchangeably on many occasions.’
    • ‘In stoolball, a milking stool was used as a target, and a hard leather ball stuffed with feathers or hair was thrown at it.’
    • ‘The earliest known reference to stoolball is in a 1330 poem by William Pagula, who recommended to priests that the game be forbidden within churchyards.’
    • ‘Playing stoolball is comparatively cheap, and it doesn't need an immaculate pitch so it can be played almost anywhere.’
    • ‘Originally, stoolball was a game played by milkmaids, as early as the 14th century.’