Definition of stonemason in English:



  • A person who cuts, prepares, and builds with stone.

    • ‘Scaffolding is being put up so stonemasons can begin work on the tower and spire in about three weeks.’
    • ‘But the stonemasons who built the small parish church in Skelton invested it with the same love and care as they had lavished on York's cathedral.’
    • ‘There were blacksmiths, carpenters and stonemasons who built and repaired dwellings.’
    • ‘Their origins as a firm of stonemasons can be seen in the quality of their stonework, which was described as second to none.’
    • ‘While in high school in the late 1940s, Stephen worked summers with his father, who was a stonemason and bricklayer.’
    • ‘The restoration business needed additional stonemasons and bricklayers, but not full time.’
    • ‘The temple, the first to be built in America entirely from stone, is taking shape with seven master stonemasons in residence.’
    • ‘Last week stonemasons were working on the surrounding drystone walls in preparation for the unveiling.’
    • ‘Neighbours say the tight-knit village has been shocked to hear of the death of the self-employed stonemason and walling contractor.’
    • ‘He lived for 20 years in Phoenix, Arizona, where he worked as a stonemason, often at the artistic end of masonry.’
    • ‘The damage was discovered by stonemasons carrying out the renovation when they arrived for work on Thursday morning.’
    • ‘The area was immediately cleared and scaffolding erected to enable stonemasons to examine the cause of the problem and assess what needs to be done.’
    • ‘Edinburgh has us to thank for the beautiful buildings in the city which were designed and built by stonemasons, in the days before architects.’
    • ‘We did use local stonemasons, but I had to teach them how to build the two-foot-thick walls in a particular style.’
    • ‘Behind the screen workmen have already gutted the inside of the former church, the roof is being stripped of damaged tiles and stonemasons are cleaning stones and removing badly eroded ones for replacement.’
    • ‘No masonry has fallen from St Martin's but stonemasons carrying out routine repairs raised concerns about potential damage in the light of the fatal accident and the bad weather forecast for the coming weekend.’
    • ‘Supported by other construction workers, stonemasons working on the quadrangle of the new University of Melbourne marched to the site of Parliament House on 21 April 1856.’
    • ‘Built in 1772 by a local stonemason, it had ended up being used as a boys' prep school.’
    • ‘Civil engineers, stonemasons, sculptors, hard landscapers, and plumbing and heating engineers are among the firm's list of clients.’
    • ‘James, a 26-year-old trainee organic farmer, and Tom a mature stonemason, both want to build their own homes without being saddled with a mortgage.’