Definition of stone fruit in English:

stone fruit


  • A fruit with flesh or pulp enclosing a stone, such as a peach, plum, or cherry.

    • ‘This great white wine - with orchard-fresh flavors of stone fruit, citrus, apples, and minerals - is made in many styles, from bone dry to very sweet.’
    • ‘But you could just as well drop a few cardamom pods into a syrup for poaching the stone fruit that will be coming on stream soon or even store it up as a flavour for Christmas cakes and puddings.’
    • ‘The peach twig borer, Anarsia lineatella, is another key pest damaging shoots and fruits of almonds and stone fruits.’
    • ‘Growers are evaluating the new sprayer for use on grapes, blueberries, and stone fruits.’
    • ‘Sweet sabayon is often used to accompany fresh berries or stone fruit.’
    • ‘Growers of stone fruit, bananas and lychees suffer most.’
    • ‘Pests like plum curculio and brown rot are relentless when it comes to stone fruits like plums and peaches.’
    • ‘However, there is a price to pay for living in a horticultural paradise, and for us that means not being able to grow stone fruit successfully.’
    • ‘Europe is an important market for Australian horticultural exports with Pink Lady apples, onions, table grapes and stone fruit the leading items.’
    • ‘The apricot gets its name from the Latin word praecox, meaning precocious, for its habit of ripening early compared with other stone fruits.’
    • ‘It goes perfectly with summer's stone fruits, either fresh, gently poached or equally gently oven-roasted.’
    • ‘A mature Pinot will take on complex savoury aromas and flavours of cherries and red stone fruit, with a silky texture.’
    • ‘The system ripens stone fruit in around 12 to 48 hours.’
    • ‘Although we are almost at the end of the local strawberry season, and raspberries are also on their way out, stone fruits and currants are definitely in.’
    • ‘These are the last few days that we have to enjoy British and European stone fruits before they disappear for another year.’
    • ‘John Harris swears by calcified seaweed for encouraging stone fruit such as plums.’
    • ‘In August you'll find an abundance of peaches and other stone fruit, early apples, and vegetables.’
    • ‘You could also make it with apples, pears, or even stone fruit such as plums or apricots.’
    • ‘It works very well with chocolate (both dark and best-quality white) or with berries and stone fruit.’
    • ‘A corner of my father's almond orchard in California's Central Valley has always been reserved for fruit trees, so every summer we were overwhelmed with stone fruit.’