Definition of stone curlew in English:

stone curlew


  • A large-eyed bird resembling a plover with mottled brownish plumage, inhabiting open stony or sandy country.

    Family Burhinidae: two genera and several species, in particular Burhinus oedicnemus of Eurasia and Africa

    Also called thick-knee
    • ‘It is known for unique bio-diversity and a breeding ground for special species such as white-bellied sea eagle and stone curlew.’
    • ‘An Army firing range, or a heath where ground-nesting stone curlews are breeding?’
    • ‘They had also recorded the nesting of stone curlews, and sighting of small green bee-eaters, red and yellow-wattled lapwings at the estuary near the Foreshore Estate bus terminus.’
    • ‘His measuring of the number, kinds, and probable ages of trees in a small woodlot seem modern, as are his description of bird densities in his time (starlings, common now, were scarce then, whereas stone curlews, now rare, were common).’
    • ‘Areas already under stewardship have seen a marked increase in previously declining bird species, including the stone curlew, bittern, lapwing, reed bunting, greenfinch, pipit, twite, and wagtail.’
    • ‘Along with the loss of heather and cottongrass, birds such as the nightjar, woodlark and stone curlew and animals including the adder, grass snake, and viviparous lizard have been put at risk.’
    • ‘From the dim blue polar gloom you proceed to the crepuscular world of stone curlews and owls.’
    • ‘Bare silver tree trunks beckon you into the lost world of hooded cormorants, stone curlews, crimson dragonflies and rare herbs that inhabit the Bolata marsh.’