Definition of stone country in English:

stone country


  • A flat, arid, stony region of inland Australia.

    ‘it appears that groups moved from the stone country to the floodplains in the early dry season’
    • ‘Late one recent dry season, deep in the stone country, the director of an American philanthropic organisation was being driven through the stringybark forests so he could see at first hand the splendour of the landscape.’
    • ‘My family are from the stone country.’
    • ‘Kakadu is beautiful, a word that inadequately describes its wide spectrum of topography and habitats, including monsoonal rainforests, floodplains, heathlands, swamps, and stone country.’
    • ‘This stone country is densely populated with sites of major cultural significance to indigenous people.’
    • ‘My story begins and ends in tropical northern Australia, in the Stone Country of Arnhem Land.’
    • ‘Bobby Blue, the central character, knows the stone country and its canny steeds, and the animal and bird-life, like they are his family.’