Definition of stone cold in English:

stone cold


  • Completely cold.

    ‘his untouched tea was stone cold’
    ‘the stone-cold corridor’
    figurative ‘his face when I got up close was stone cold’
    • ‘Doom will never be any better than average, but we were always promised unapologetic, violent, action-oriented fun and so if you go in with that in mind you'd have to have a stone-cold heart not to have a blast.’
    • ‘And while he has the stone-cold savvy to pull off elaborate swindles, he also suffers from a plethora of facial ticks, spends days on emergency housecleaning jobs and feels compelled to open and close doors three times.’
    • ‘Strangely, despite her decline, people are still queueing up to praise her and she, bless her stone-cold heart, just sits back and accepts it all as due tribute.’
    • ‘An Army study done shortly after World War II concluded that on average, out of a thirty-two man platoon, only two people were stone-cold killers.’
    • ‘I probably ought to also mention that they are a stone-cold bargain.’
    • ‘She was a natural born warrior, with a stone-cold heart, and wasn't about to let anyone get in her way or drag her down.’
    • ‘Their faces still held the stone-cold gaze in them.’
    • ‘I had a good Western omelette with stone-cold hash browns and a biscuit.’
    • ‘But even a donnybrook might be better than stone-cold silence.’
    • ‘Handsets that are white-hot today will be stone-cold in six months.’
    • ‘Their faces remained frozen in stone-cold scowls so she looked away from them and waited impatiently for Wesley to return.’
    • ‘‘That kid is a stone-cold player,’ he drawled, running his hand through his hair.’
    • ‘To those who were around in the Fifties, the term ‘rented accommodation’ conjures up images of dismal bedsits with spluttering, ever-hungry gas fires and stone-cold shared bathrooms.’
    • ‘Whereas on Court TV the camera couldn't help itself, panning in twitchy reflex to the stone-cold defendant.’
    • ‘I noticed Ray's expression turning into a stone-cold scowl.’
    • ‘Her stone-cold seriousness becomes oppressive by the end of the record and her decision to name every track with a single word seems like a forced attempt to be ‘deep.’’
    • ‘I also had a respectable pea and locally cured ham soup, full-bodied and intriguingly pea-y, and some sea bass that was served limp and almost stone-cold on cold mash with an irrelevant balsamic reduction.’
    • ‘His face turned from warm and happy to stone-cold in a matter of seconds.’
    • ‘I was really shaken when I lifted his head up to remove the rakusu; his head was stone-cold and lifeless, the same head I had held in a loving parting embrace the night before.’
    • ‘We went back inside his stone-cold manor that seemed even more miserable to me now.’


  • as submodifier Completely.

    ‘stone-cold sober’
    • ‘The cruel punch line is that so little of consequence actually occurred in Vol. 1, it's possible to walk into this second movie stone-cold clueless and not miss out on a thing.’
    • ‘And of the remainders, it was easy to take a question on a topic I was merely familiar with, and write an answer on a topic that I knew stone-cold.’
    • ‘You must know the procedures stone-cold, whether aircraft specific, or, in this case, CV NATOPS.’
    • ‘That is the stone-cold harsh reality of genetically mediated weight and shape regulation.’
    • ‘Armstrong listened, did his homework and, stone-cold scared, made his choice.’
    • ‘I do not believe in life after death, I accept it as a stone-cold scientific fact, just the same as the world being round and not flat.’
    • ‘Bickering about ballots might be stone-cold dull, but at least it's not sleaze.’
    • ‘Your humble scribe will be spending his New Year's Eve stone-cold sober on a train somewhere between Reading and Weymouth.’
    • ‘On the other side, you will have people that want to approach it with stone-cold logic.’
    • ‘Joan too, in real life she was a stone-cold hard drinker of vodka.’
    • ‘We're talking about six stone-cold classic pop albums, in a row, each one more stylistically progressive and wonderfully weird than the last.’
    • ‘By now, the science is as stone-cold solid as could be-it's the planet that's gotten hot, with nine of the 10 warmest years on record in the last decade.’
    • ‘Although the contents of the note are very emotional, the block letters are written as if by the hand of a stone-cold psychopathic assassin, and not by someone about to kill himself.’


stone cold