Definition of stompie in English:


nounPlural stompies

South African
  • 1A cigarette butt.

    • ‘I must point out that the place was spotless, I didn't see any overflowing dirt bins and papers or even stompies lying around.’
    • ‘I must admit that stompies are the rubbish I find the most.’
    • ‘There are even signs to ask smokers, when they go on to the pavement to smoke, not to drop their stompies on the street.’
    • ‘Smokers are requested to use the red bins and not discard stompies in the natural bush due to the high risk of veld fires.’
    • ‘It was somewhere around this time that someone (surely a mortal enemy from those dark years) dumped two cigarette stompies in my bottle of Mokador, something which was only brought to my attention when I offered some to her at the Taphuis an hour later.’
    1. 1.1 A half-smoked cigarette kept for later use.
      • ‘I once burned the tip of my nose lighting up a stompie.’


  • pick up stompies

    • informal Break into a conversation of which one has heard only the end.

      • ‘Not sure if I was picking up stompies but I thought I heard that there was something of the sort on market?’
      • ‘I often wonder if people bother to read entire threads of this kind of thing, or just pick up stompies?’


Afrikaans, diminutive of stomp ‘stump’.