Definition of stomate in English:



  • another term for stoma
    • ‘Some starch can also be seen in the guard cells of stomates.’
    • ‘This capacity is due to the presence of stomates on both leaf surfaces, permeability of tissues for CO 2 diffusion and an intense Rubisco activity.’
    • ‘Quercus rubra leaves have about 150 million stomates per m (= N) and stomatal pores with a major axis of about 10.7 m (= a).’
    • ‘This makes it unlikely that stomates closed because of a leaf water deficit and raises the possibility of regulatory signals coming from the roots.’
    • ‘This can be due to a reduction in light interception as leaf expansion is reduced or as leaves senesce, and to reductions in C fixation per unit leaf area as stomates close or as photo-oxidation damages the photosynthetic mechanism.’


Mid 19th century: apparently an English singular of stomata.