Definition of stomachic in English:



  • Promoting the appetite or assisting digestion.

    • ‘A few medicinal properties of spices such as tonic, carminative, stomachic, diuretic, and antispasmodic have long been recognized.’
    • ‘The seeds are valued medicinally for their diuretic, demulcent and stomachic properties.’
    • ‘The juice is good for promoting digestion and all parts have stomachic properties, which can be augmented with small amounts of cinnamon and cloves.’


  • A stomachic medicine or tonic.

    • ‘Toxicity and side effects may be ameliorated if the drug is taken with green tea, diuretics, or stomachics.’
    • ‘It is one of the earliest medicinal herbs known in Europe, widely regarded as one of the best stomachics for young children.’
    • ‘The use of the herb checks the head and eyes, like the leaves; hence the root should be accounted among the best stomachics.’
    • ‘Lemon verbena is used in teas, flavorings, fragrances, antispasmodics, carminatives, sedatives, and stomachics.’
    • ‘As medicinal plants, the chamomiles have been traditionally considered to be antispasmodics, carminatives, diaphoretics, emmenagogues, sedatives, and stomachics.’