Definition of stomach tube in English:

stomach tube


  • A tube passed into the stomach via the gullet for cleansing or emptying it or for introducing food.

    • ‘I went back to work in tears, angry and dismayed, and told my friends and colleagues about the prospect of the stomach tube.’
    • ‘It's still uncertain whether the stomach tube used to feed him a liquid diet of soybeans, egg yolks and minerals will be enough to sustain him.’
    • ‘Where is the conservatism in insisting that a woman be interminably fed through a stomach tube - despite her expressed wishes to the contrary?’
    • ‘The seriousness of Jason's condition is brought home to his parents every night when they attach his stomach tube to a special feeding machine.’
    • ‘Many of these cases are successfully treated with liquid paraffin by stomach tube, to break up the impaction and lubricate the intestine, together with painkillers.’
    • ‘The youngster was born prematurely on February 3 with a number of complications, including a cleft lip and palate, leaving him unable to swallow, necessitating a stomach tube and constant aspiration to prevent choking.’
    • ‘In the camp's acute ward, a young man lies chained to his bed, being fed protein-and-vitamin mush through a stomach tube inserted via a nostril.’
    • ‘I was relieved, not because I thought this would lengthen her life, but because I felt there was a world of difference between artificial feeding through a stomach tube and making every effort to encourage natural feeding.’
    • ‘The commonest forms of life-support are mechanical artificial ventilation and artificial feeding through a stomach tube.’
    • ‘The air gun pellet had torn his food pipe so the vet fed him via a stomach tube.’
    • ‘The test substance is usually administered orally by gavage using a stomach tube or a suitable intubation cannula.’
    • ‘He had been unable to speak for some time, and was fed through a stomach tube by his wife at home.’
    • ‘Early-morning gastric washings, obtained with instillation of 20 to 50 mL of chilled sterile water through a sterile stomach tube, are more likely to yield a diagnosis than is bronchoscopy.’
    • ‘If it's the middle of the night and a calf is slow to suckle, there is a great incentive to use the stomach tube and assume he will go for the next feed unassisted, but this needs to be confirmed.’
    • ‘If he's not, summon your veterinarian to help you milk the mare out and feed the foal via a stomach tube to ensure adequate colostrum intake.’
    • ‘Unable to eat normally, a nose tube was fitted to feed Jade and was later substituted for a stomach tube, which she may rely on indefinitely.’
    • ‘Get weak lambs indoors, dry them off and feed with a stomach tube.’
    • ‘Maintaining a calorie intake of 3500-4000 calories with at least 100g of protein by giving it in liquid and semi-liquid form via a stomach tube is recommended.’
    • ‘She has limited vision and hearing and has to be fed through a stomach tube.’
    • ‘Once again the treatment was the same as in the current Victorian case; it was feeding via a stomach tube.’