Definition of stomach ache in English:

stomach ache


  • A pain in a person's stomach or belly.

    ‘she had a stomach ache’
    mass noun ‘the orange juice was giving him stomach ache’
    • ‘The 19-year-old spent a year visiting doctors for treatment for a stomach ache before they finally discovered last month that he had terminal liver cancer.’
    • ‘The larvae of Toxocara canis may cause a stomach ache, but can also trigger an asthma attack, pneumonia and seizures, and affect vision.’
    • ‘Why does excessive drinking give me a stomach ache?’
    • ‘How well I remember my son's first day at school: the stomach ache the night before, the paralysing shyness at the gate, the skirting round the edge of the playground not making eye contact.’
    • ‘Alternatively, he can just say that his stomach ache has got worse.’
    indigestion, dyspepsia
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stomach ache