Definition of stolidly in English:



  • See stolid

    • ‘He sat stolidly in a folding chair, clutching a photo of his son.’
    • ‘It hadn't stopped Leila's father becoming a flying instructor, but her mother never entered a plane after she heard this story, stolidly embroidering, two feet on the ground, while her husband waggled his wings overhead.’
    • ‘The ladies had to stand while the seated males stolidly ignored the courtesies their fathers would have observed (presumably in the same carriages).’
    • ‘He stood stolidly enough in the dock, but in life he lost his temper, cried easily - cried in front of the vice-principal of the school where he worked; cried in front of the police when they came to ask questions.’
    • ‘While the restaurant staff stolidly carry on, the guests actually start to enjoy themselves and make their own spontaneous fun.’