Definition of stokehole in English:



  • A space in front of a furnace in which a stoker works.

    • ‘Despite Mildred's claims of sincerity, her aunt scornfully refers to her as ‘artificial’ in her social concern and a ‘poser’ in her expressed desire to find a ‘new thrill’ and ‘touch life’ by visiting the stokehole.’
    • ‘While Mildred's intrusion into the stokehole stages the disabling paradox of ‘vital contact,’ it is not the only example of psychologically disruptive cross-class contact in the drama.’
    • ‘As he indicates, her ‘whole personality’ is ‘crushed’ in the stokehole.’
    • ‘Her manipulation of capitalist power relations by drawing on her status as a millionaire in order to acquire access to the stokehole epitomizes what he refers to as a ‘compromise with modern industrial capitalism at…key points’.’
    • ‘The play's opening scene presents life in the cramped stokehole, where ‘the ceiling crushes down on the men's heads’ and the attitudes of the stooping, proto-simian workers suggest beasts in a cage, ‘imprisoned by white steel.’’