Definition of stoked in English:



North American
  • Excited or euphoric.

    ‘when they told me I was on the team, I was stoked’
    • ‘"I am pretty stoked with my start to the year," he added.’
    • ‘I was totally stoked to get the lead in the school play.’
    • ‘He is stoked to see Bruce get serious this year and make the cut.’
    • ‘I'm pretty stoked because I'm pretty much a fan of Heather's.’
    • ‘Now you may not get too stoked about rare early 45s, but some folks sure do.’
    • ‘I wanted to tell Matt how stoked I was to hear the upcoming Academy Awards show will be featuring an uncensored version of ‘Blame Canada!’’
    • ‘I'm so stoked to see how he is going to work this whole thing out.’
    • ‘I was stoked to hear they were so close.’
    • ‘He sprays the crowd, gets his flowers and kisses, and looks pretty stoked.’
    • ‘"I'm really stoked, and CJ surfed great, " said Robb.’
    • ‘We have a little hemp series which I think people are pretty stoked on.’
    • ‘I bet the Pacers are stoked to hear that now.’
    • ‘I am totally stoked for you that you've received the go-ahead.’
    • ‘They were so stoked to be playing the festival; it was fun watching them have fun.’
    • ‘"I'm super stoked to be going, " he said.’
    • ‘I'm super stoked for Saturday.’
    • ‘I was so proud of her and really stoked that she obviously cares for her brother.’
    • ‘On signing the deal he said he was stoked to be getting some core support.’
    • ‘But don't get too stoked unless he deals with you directly.’
    • ‘I'm so stoked to hear that government agencies are spying on us for our corporate overlords!’