Definition of stoichiometry in English:



mass nounChemistry
  • The relationship between the relative quantities of substances taking part in a reaction or forming a compound, typically a ratio of whole integers.

    • ‘Finally, the net reaction may be exothermic or (more commonly) endothermic, depending on reaction stoichiometry.’
    • ‘The relative stoichiometry of the different sequence copies in the parental lines was also studied.’
    • ‘This relationship, called the stoichiometry of a reaction, can be used to predict how much reactant is needed to create a certain amount of product or to predict how much of the product will be formed from a certain amount of reactant.’
    • ‘This method also allowed us to more accurately quantify the stoichiometry of oligomerization at different pH values.’
    • ‘Binding and catalytic events are assumed to occur in accordance with their reaction stoichiometry.’


Early 19th century: from Greek stoikheion ‘element’ + -metry.