Definition of stoichiometrically in English:



  • See stoichiometric

    • ‘This reaction is catalysed by the enzyme MPT synthase, a heterotetrameric complex of two small and two large subunits, that stoichiometrically converts precursor Z into MPT.’
    • ‘At low TrpH concentration and high oxygen concentration, the reaction of singlet oxygen with TrpH stoichiometrically produces N-formylkynurenine as a single photoproduct.’
    • ‘Pchlide was predominantly under the nonphotoactive state during the first 4 days; and the fast accumulation phase, both types of Pchl accumulated almost stoichiometrically (Fig. lB).’
    • ‘Polymyxin B was used as a control agent because it is well known that polymyxins have direct antimicrobial activity and bind stoichiometrically to the lipid A moiety of bacterial LPS.’
    • ‘After genome duplication, the retained paralogs may diverge concertedly in sequence and pattern of expression, producing new paralogous network modules unable to interfere stoichiometrically.’