Definition of stoichiometric in English:



  • 1Relating to stoichiometry.

    • ‘It also reacts as a stoichiometric scavenger with organophosphates, thus having the capacity to provide prophylactic protection against highly toxic chemical warfare nerve agents, such as soman and VX.’
    • ‘Biosynthesis of NO involves oxidation of the guanidine group of arginine with stoichiometric formation of citrulline by the enzyme nitric oxide synthase.’
    • ‘It is necessary to know the main sources of caffeine and CGA content variation in order to predict stoichiometric errors induced by these compounds.’
    • ‘In summary, we have developed a reconstitution method that is stoichiometric, functional, and suitable for spectroscopic studies of skeletal muscle.’
    • ‘The chemical equations and mechanisms commonplace to stoichiometric chemistry describe only the overall reactions, they do not specify the molecular transformations that place between colliding molecules.’
    1. 1.1 Relating to or denoting quantities of reactants in simple integral ratios, as prescribed by an equation or formula.
      ‘a stoichiometric amount of potassium is required for 90% removal of the SO’
      • ‘The concentration of actin is fixed at 11.9 M, and the amount of scruin is varied to achieve the desired stoichiometric ratio.’
      • ‘The stoichiometric ratio between DNA molecules and microspheres is kept well below one to ensure that the vast majority of microsphere tethers consist of only a single DNA molecule.’
      • ‘It should also be noted that upon further addition of either reactant beyond the stoichiometric maximum, the complexes/aggregates are brought back into solution.’
      • ‘The extreme pathways of this simple metabolic network can be readily calculated from the stoichiometric matrix.’
      • ‘All products were formed in stoichiometric amounts and were accompanied by the consumption of a stoichiometric amount of substrate.’