Definition of stockyard in English:



Australian, North American, NZ
  • A large yard containing pens and sheds in which livestock is kept and sorted.

    ‘I went to work at the stockyards’
    • ‘An extensive network of German agents in the United States injected horses, mules, and cattle with glanders and anthrax at the stockyards just before the animals' departure to the European theater.’
    • ‘His bird's eye views included the Grand Canyon and other mountain locales, the cities of Washington, D.C. and San Jose and Berkeley, California, as well as the business sections and stockyards of Kansas City, Missouri.’
    • ‘The waste produced by industrial concentrations of animals in stockyards and factory farms continues to strain sewage facilities.’
    • ‘Brand inspectors, who rooted out cattle thieves, tracked down stray steers, and kept the peace in the stockyards, had become the de facto law of the range by the time he joined their ranks in 1949.’
    • ‘She ended up having lunch with Scarlett while the rest of the men headed for the stockyard to check on the arrival of cattle being brought in for the trail drive.’
    • ‘For others, isolated in Appalachia or the rural South, hard times during the Great Depression brought scores of Scotch-Irish to the factories of Detroit and Chicago, where they labored in the auto plants and stockyards.’
    • ‘The cattle pens in the south Omaha stockyards are empty.’
    • ‘She lost her stockyards and her farm as a result.’
    • ‘She insists on walking further to show her mother the flowering bush rata and on the return journey they meet a mob of fat lambs being driven to the stockyards nearby by men and dogs.’
    • ‘They bore into 20th century Chicago, taking us from the stinking stockyards to the polling places where precinct captains often accompanied voters into the booths.’
    • ‘This agency in the U.S. Department of Agriculture began court proceedings and forced meatpackers to divest themselves of stockyards, railroads, cattle-loan companies, and similar businesses.’
    • ‘The plant would be built in the city's stockyards area and eventually employ about 1,000 people.’
    • ‘Presumably there were no sites left among the pungent stockyards of the Byres Road.’
    • ‘A huge stockyard for which they have a vested financial interest in corraling with space based barbed wire and harvesting on behalf of their own greedy appetites.’
    • ‘A total of 192 heifer calves (three trials) were purchased during a 2-to 3-wk period from local stockyards.’
    • ‘To the ugly-American eye it looks like a vast and patchy soccer field, bordered by stockyards, grain silos and the clanging docks of Port au Spain.’
    • ‘However, in the stockyard the task is more complex.’
    • ‘There were also a few open spaces - like steel stockyards, railway marshalling yards and scrap yards with rusting car-hulks piled high like the lobster creels on Sorbaig pier.’
    • ‘One panel shows cattle in the Chicago stockyards; in another a molten splash indicates steel mills.’
    • ‘So the collages have an antiquated look, and the stories they tell are most often of yesterday's Chicago, with its stockyards and steel mills, amusement parks and warehouses, machine politics and graft.’