Definition of stocktake in English:


verb & noun

  • See stocktaking

    • ‘Initially, there is a physical stocktake of the existing facilities and equipment, to obtain specific information about the condition of dental clinics and equipment.’
    • ‘The teenage manager of a Calne convenience store fiddled the books when the numbers for a stocktake didn't add up.’
    • ‘I'm starting work at 7.30 am for stocktake, and as I'm going to walk to work, I don't anticipate having time to blog before I go.’
    • ‘Last year, when we were busy with stocktake and had millions of tasks to do, the French co-ordinator dumped sixty books on us and claimed they were urgent, with every staff member needing to take one home before the end of the year.’
    • ‘It seems the new team ‘leader’ couldn't lead her way out of a paper bag, and totally screwed up the stocktake (which I gleefully had managed to miss), and so I had to completely redo it.’