Definition of stocking mask in English:

stocking mask


  • A nylon stocking pulled over the face to disguise the features, used by criminals.

    • ‘Also in his car, police found a rifle, numerous rounds of ammunition, a black hood and a black stocking mask.’
    • ‘A pair of identical teenage twins and an older man donned stocking masks, armed themselves with an axe and a chair-leg and stormed into a shop demanding money and cigarettes, the Isleworth Crown Court heard this week.’
    • ‘An officer pulled up the dead man's stocking mask.’
    • ‘So, when he moseyed up wearing a stocking mask over his face and a pistol in hand, the employees simply didn't buzz him in.’
    • ‘Vividly, he compared them to the stocking masks worn by bandits.’
    • ‘But what the audience were actually looking at was a boy in a monkey suit and stocking mask.’
    • ‘And one of them, we are told, had a stocking mask on, so even if he did go to the door, maybe nobody recognized this guy.’
    • ‘The man is white, between 25 to 30 years old with short hair and a receding front hairline, between 5ft 10 in to 6ft tall, clean shaven and sometimes wears a stocking mask or balaclava.’
    • ‘An alleged robber on trial 11 years after a terrifying raid because dandruff was found on a stocking mask yesterday told a jury he might have used the fabric to mop his brow.’
    • ‘We found a witness that we never saw in trial for other reasons that saw him with this stocking mask, the same one that was found at the crime scene, six months before.’
    • ‘A man wearing a stocking mask struck between 8.30 am and 8.45 am on Wednesday as the woman was taking out her rubbish to a wheelie bin outside her home in Gainsborough Road.’
    • ‘Dandruff landed a man with a 15-year sentence for a terrifying armed robbery yesterday - 11 years after he donned a stocking mask and snatched a payroll.’
    disguise, veil, false face, domino, fancy dress
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