Definition of stocking filler in English:

stocking filler

(North American stocking stuffer)


  • A small present suitable for putting in a Christmas stocking.

    • ‘Several copies of the album called Skyline Sounds were snapped up over Christmas as stocking fillers.’
    • ‘Trust me, it's not easy scooping up gift votives and stocking stuffers while fielding questions about your love life.’
    • ‘Christmas is a very expensive time of year for most people so the Christmas bazaar is an opportunity for parents to indulge their offspring and buy lots of small items as either presents or stocking fillers.’
    • ‘With it's diminutive size, shockproof music and cool shape, the Philips Rush can easily be an ideal stocking stuffer for Christmas.’
    • ‘At about NT $300, it's a perfect stocking stuffer or office party present.’
    • ‘I figured they'd make good stocking stuffers this Christmas, but can't seem to find a place that will ship to America.’
    • ‘No extras are offered, but with a sticker price of around $10, this ‘holiday’ disc makes a nice stocking stuffer or early Christmas treat.’
    • ‘Geraldton residents have been urged to buy local for stocking fillers and presents in the lead up to Christmas.’
    • ‘An informal and informative presentation of your favourite tipple will be given, with ideas for Christmas gifts and stocking fillers etc.’
    • ‘About three big presents and a few stocking fillers will be provided for each child.’
    • ‘These are great gifts and stocking stuffers at Christmas.’
    • ‘Here are two that I have read that would make excellent stocking stuffers - if the stockings in question are rather enormous.’
    • ‘Three big presents and a few stocking fillers will be given to each child, who this year range in age from two months old to 18 years of age.’
    • ‘Some of those stocking stuffers or presents that you want to put under the tree might not be as safe as you think.’
    • ‘It reads like a who's who of Gaelic Games and would certainly make for an ideal stocking filler for Christmas.’
    • ‘This diary would make an ideal stocking filler for the Christmas season.’
    • ‘About three big presents and a few stocking fillers are chosen for each child, and then delivered by Social Services to the parents.’
    • ‘It doesn't do everything that a Palm does but it does much of the essentials and is a cool stocking stuffer or gift.’
    • ‘The words conjure up images of a harmless toy, something given as a stocking filler at Christmas.’
    • ‘This is the last fair for 2005 and there will be 25 different vendors selling an interesting diversity of items to include many stocking fillers and Christmas gift ideas.’


stocking filler