Definition of stocking cap in English:

stocking cap


  • A knitted conical hat with a long tapered end, often bearing a tassel, that hangs down.

    • ‘Boots, scarves, coats, socks, gloves, stocking caps, even long underwear get a higher approval rating than mittens.’
    • ‘The hat was a pale blue that looked like a stocking cap, but had a small brim in the front like a baseball cap.’
    • ‘In the first model, the spotlight of attention would track across the page, checking each detail against a mental image of Waldo's red stocking cap and striped shirt.’
    • ‘The people around him changed as well; fewer workingmen in stocking caps and more sleek top hats and fashionable bonnets.’
    • ‘I almost wanted to put on a faded T-shirt, boots and a ratty old stocking cap and, like some overrated movie star, stroll down the boulevard, ready to deck any unfortunate papparazzo who dared to come within my reach.’
    • ‘He's substituted a pair of stainless-steel aviator shades for the stocking cap, but otherwise he's wearing the same clothes he played in last night.’
    • ‘In the springtime, on Saturdays, when other families were going on day hikes or picnics or trips to the zoo, my dad would roust us out of the house dressed in jeans, boots, sweatshirts and stocking caps to go eradicate noxious weeds.’
    • ‘The driver, wearing either a stocking cap or a backward baseball cap, raises an arm.’
    • ‘She blushes and strolls bravely toward me, with blond hair hanging straight like spaghetti from her stocking cap.’
    • ‘He points out that the beard and headgear - top hats, billycock hats, or woolen stocking caps - are symbols of senior male status.’
    • ‘The assisting anesthesia care provider and the circulating nurse place a stocking cap on the neonate's head and wrap the neonate's arms and legs with cotton cast padding and plastic wrap for temperature regulation.’
    • ‘He pulled off his stocking cap, tossed it in the dumpster that had been him companion for most of the night, untucked his shirt and grabbed a half empty cup of beer that he'd placed on the ground near the alley entrance earlier in the evening.’
    • ‘On their heads they might wear a long green and red stocking cap with a tassel on the end that hangs down to one side.’
    • ‘Instead of the odd-looking bespectacled chum in the red stocking cap, the mobile man in green with the No.36 on his jersey was supposed to be the focus of attention.’
    • ‘Three of the brothers, square-faced men in heavy jackets and stocking caps, meet us.’
    • ‘‘I enjoy watching them in their stocking caps,’ he said, noting the cold, blustery Scottish weather in October.’
    • ‘He was described as a medium-size male, 20s, dressed in black, with a blue stocking cap, a bad wig, a fake tattoo on his cheek, and we're guessing an IQ around that of a turnip.’
    • ‘About 75 people work three shifts in the warehouse, wearing thick jackets and pants, insulated boots, masks, stocking caps and gloves made by a company I had never heard of before: RefrigiWear.’
    • ‘He was walking along the sidewalk, hands deep in his leather jacket pockets and a gray stocking cap covering his head.’
    • ‘She had provided her with thick, warm mittens, a stocking cap, and a scarf.’