Definition of stockinette in English:


(also stockinet)


mass noun
  • 1A soft, loosely knitted stretch fabric, formerly used for making underwear and now used for cleaning, wrapping, or bandaging.

    • ‘Rolled stockinette should be placed around the patient's extremity before applying an elastic bandage.’
    • ‘Or use stockinette, gauze wrap, or any other similar type of wrap instead of tape to secure dressings and drains.’
    • ‘Team members spend extra time during draping to ensure each step of the procedure will not be hampered or limited by awkward placement of the drapes, stockinet, suction tip and tubing, and the ESU pencil.’
    • ‘Bivalve the cast including all layers of cotton, stockinet, etc. and wrap with ACE wrap.’
    • ‘A stockinette can be used to elevate the arm and stabilize the wound.’
    • ‘Hanging in the back porch are the sensory results - smoked ham, bacon and Polish sausage, all covered in stockinette, cheese cloth or muslin.’
    • ‘A tubular stockinette with low-density foam or one-quarter inch felt is applied over the tibial crest and malleoli, and around the metarsal heads with one layer of synthetic padding.’
    • ‘Use wraps, such as stockinette or soft gauze, to protect areas of skin where the risk of tearing is high.’
    • ‘Use stockinettes, gauze wrap, or any other similar type of wrap instead of tape to secure dressings and drains.’
    • ‘All monitoring devices (eg, cords, tubes, pulse oximetry, blood pressure cuff, electrocardiogram wires) are wrapped in stockinette or cotton webbing and secured with tape if no latex-free products are available.’
  • 2US A knitting stitch consisting of alternate rows of knit (plain) and purl stitch; stocking stitch.

    • ‘I'm thinking that my square will be a simple garter stitch with the word ‘love’ in stockinette.’
    • ‘I used a stockinette stitch with a twist of double rib and a pretty gusset stitch in super soft 4 ply.’
    • ‘The picture is a little blurry, but you get the idea - stockinette or reverse stockinette can face out, and there is this 5-edge stitch that unravels to become a fringe in the end.’
    • ‘Use an 11-stitch cable with 2 reverse stockinettes and a rib on either side and then 4 stitches of garter stitch.’
    • ‘Many patterns will tell you to work in stockinette stitch without explaining what that is.’


Late 18th century: probably an alteration of stocking-net.