Definition of stocker in English:



  • 1North American A farm animal, typically a young steer or heifer, destined for slaughter but kept until matured or fattened.

    as modifier ‘stocker cattle’
    • ‘A portion of these losses may be attributed to decreased BW by stocker cattle grazing rangelands infested with locoweed.’
    • ‘An economic analysis was conducted to determine the cost of the feeding programs and their effect on profitability of the stocker cattle enterprise.’
    • ‘However, documentation is lacking on the effects of management on carcass-related traits of stocker cattle.’
    • ‘However, if long-term ownership of stocker cattle is desired, then alternative high quality forages must be available for grazing during July and August if IES is employed on tallgrass prairie.’
    • ‘Compensatory gain during the postweaning stocker phase can be anticipated if calves were reared on endophyte-infected tall fescue pastures prior to weaning.’
    • ‘Under the conditions of this trial, program feeding of growing calves increased the gross margin of the stocker cattle enterprise by $32 to 41 per calf.’
    • ‘A forage resource that could fill the gap between first hollow stem of wheat pasture and grazing of warm season perennials in the southern Great Plains could be valuable to stocker cattle producers.’
    • ‘We have observed feed efficiencies of 0.22 to 0.56 when feeding protein supplements to stocker calves on bermudagrass pastures during the summer.’
    • ‘Individual stocker performance during the first half of the summer was similar among grazing treatments.’
    • ‘Ultrasound technology is one method of detecting grazing treatment effects on FT and LA of stocker cattle and has use as a research tool in studying the growth and development of grazing cattle.’
    • ‘His son, Eddie, independently backgrounds about 250 head of stocker cattle each year and finishes them in a 4,400-head feedlot that he manages for a different owner.’
    • ‘He also backgrounded 6,000 head of stockers on wheat pastures, about 70% of them calf-feds, and 30% yearlings.’
    • ‘This program generates a budget using cost inputs provided by the user to calculate profit or loss per animal for the stocker enterprise.’
    • ‘Expected DOF would likely be needed to predict carcass traits of stocker cattle at the conclusion of grazing.’
    • ‘Two extremes were experienced with the stocker cattle cooperators.’
    • ‘No consistent difference in growth performance was found among stocker cattle grazing pubescent wheatgrass, smooth bromegrass, or orchardgrass.’
    • ‘WVU is responsible for heifer development and the winter stocker phase in Morgantown, West Virginia.’
    • ‘In the spring, the manager must decide whether to graze out the crop or pull the stockers and harvest the crop.’
    • ‘‘Putting weight on yearling stocker cattle with forage is a vital agricultural and economic activity here,’ he says.’
    • ‘Over three-fourths of the beef calves produced in the US will be used as stocker calves to graze pastures prior to entering the feedlot for finishing.’
  • 2A person whose job is to fill the shelves of a shop or supermarket with merchandise.

    • ‘First of all, we are at the mercy of stockers who shelf us in the same category as New Agers, TMers, and a host of other groups with which we may or may not wish to associate.’
    • ‘Clerks and stockers earn as much as $17.90 an hour with fully paid family medical insurance.’
    • ‘Wal-Mart, which also hires day laborers as store cleaners and shelf stockers, has a contract with Labor Ready.’
    • ‘Hiring enough stockers and clerks to keep merchandise flowing into shopping bags may be the right call.’
    • ‘Meat cutters were reassigned as meat stockers.’
    • ‘They can't function without their cashiers and stockers and greeters.’
    • ‘Clerks/shelf stockers begin at $10 and can make $16.’
    • ‘Cashiers, shelf stockers, and fast food servers probably could be replaced by robots pretty easily.’
    • ‘Let me start by saying this, I work for Wal-Mart as an overnight stocker.’
    • ‘He went on to work as a grocery-store stocker before becoming a professional paparazzo in the mid '80s.’
    • ‘Massive revolving aisles deliver computer controlled inventory to stationary stockers who then pick the product and place it in a computer-tracked bins.’
    • ‘We turn great housekeepers into supervisors, virtuoso shelf stockers into salespeople, and managers into leaders.’
    • ‘Two shelf stockers were unpacking bags of cat food and meowing repeatedly at each other.’
  • 3North American informal A stock car.

    • ‘For those who are thinking of getting into racing, short track stockers are a great place to start, as it is comparatively inexpensive, fun, and allows you to attain very good experience in the sport.’