Definition of stockbrokerage in English:



  • See stockbroker

    • ‘I think mergers with other smaller banks or with bigger banks would be a better option,’ an analyst from a local stockbrokerage said.’
    • ‘The first principle of ratification in stockbrokerage transactions is that a customer who wishes to take advantage of his broker's wrongful act must repudiate that act.’
    • ‘He revealed several weeks ago that he had received approaches from more than one party that may or may not lead to an offer for the inter-dealer stockbrokerage.’
    • ‘But in recent years, as stockbrokerages have become part of financial supermarkets that also owned investment banks, analyst bonuses were linked to the profits of the whole group.’
    • ‘Netherworld guitarist by night, by day he wears a three piece suit and works at a stockbrokerage firm.’