Definition of stock whip in English:

stock whip


  • A whip used for driving cattle.

    • ‘Then they bought me all the gear: a swagwrap, boots, spurs, a stock whip and an Akubra sombrero and they gave me a train ticket and off I went.’
    • ‘A stock whip hung behind the door and, as Pearl says, Granny could certainly use it.’
    • ‘He quit training in Australia in 1999 to train in Dubai, but his license was abruptly terminated there for allegedly using a stock whip on his horses.’
    • ‘Ten lashes of the stock whip got the message across to me.’
    • ‘The people of Sydney would thrill to the crack of the stock whip and the grinding wheels of the wool wagons.’
    • ‘The artists range in age from an eight year-old - who has exhibited a blackboard chalk drawing - to 85 year-old, who is displaying a number of hand-crafted leather pieces including a beautifully plaited stock whip.’
    • ‘One witness we've interviewed from Riverwood talked about a stock whip being used to beat the children with.’
    • ‘One girl said to me I want to crack a stock whip on the top of the mountain, people take footballs and all sorts of reasons for climbing the mountain.’
    • ‘Macleay Island is the home of the family who have been making Australian stock whips for more than 145 years, and she is the latest in the family to try her hand at it.’
    • ‘He explained that Leo imported four expensive bulls and when Aborigines speared them, he and Hay rode out with stock whips ‘and gave them a good hiding’.’